Frosting Paper - FAQ

All About Frosting (or Icing) Sheets

What are Frosting Sheets?  Frosting sheets are also called icing sheets or sugar sheets. They are made of very thin layers of vanilla icing which are compacted and pressed onto plastic backing sheets (similar to a sticker or decal). Frosting sheets are made from tapioca or cornstarch with some added sugars and colouring. They are thicker than wafer paper, but are flexible and somewhat fragile when peeling from their backing.

Frosting sheets are brighter and whiter than wafer paper and images print out clear and crisp and are usually pretty close to the image you see on the screen. (Keep in mind that there are always variances with every monitor or device.) Photographs and all types of images come out as clear as printing them on regular white bond paper. Remember that the quality of the printed image is also dependent on the quality of the image that is being printed. A poor quality image will still print poorly. Always use a high resolution image for best results.

Frosting sheets adhere well to buttercream icing, fondant, whipped cream, chocolate, etc.and will absorb well into the icing, becoming a part of the cake. A knife will easily cut into the image as you cut the cake. There is a slight sweet taste to the frosting sheets, but it is very mild and will just blend in with your cake and icing and is not noticeable.

How to Store Frosting Paper:  Frosting sheets are very sensitive to temperature and humidity, so they must be stored in an airtight container until ready to use. Ideally, they should be stored in a cool, dry place - away from heat or direct sunlight. Room temperature is perfect. Do not refrigerate this product as the humidity levels and temperature can cause the product to melt. Stored under the right conditions, the shelf life of this product before printing is approximately 12 months. However, since you will receive the product with an image printed on it, it is best to use the product within two-three weeks of receiving it, as the images can fade with time.

Shipping Frosting Sheets: Extreme heat or very cold temperatures can cause the sheets to become damaged. All orders are shipped out in perfect condition, so if you are ordering during hot summer or cold winter conditions, it is highly recommended that you consider adding an extra level of protection to your shipment by adding the thermal packaging option to your order. This will help to ensure your order arrives fresh and pliable.

How will my Frosting Sheets arrive? Your cake and cookie toppers (printed on frosting sheets), will arrive to you in a cardboard envelope (with thermal packaging if you've selected that option). Inside that packaging, you will find your printed product in a plastic, food-grade resealable bag. Keep the product in the sealed bag until you are ready to use.

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