Cake & Cupcake Application

This item should never be frozen or refrigerated prior to application as doing so will damage the  product.  Store your image on a flat surface at room temperature. Humidity and direct light can cause the colours to run and fade.

Remove the image from the packaging very carefully to prevent premature peeling and tearing.  Keep your frosting sheet in the resealable bag until you are ready to use it. Use immediately after opening.

If you have purchased multiple sheets or sheet(s) with multiple images on them, only use what you need and store the remainder in the sealed bag to prevent them from drying out. You can use clean, dry kitchen scissors or a cutter if you must trim any part of the sheet.

These images are suitable to place on any homemade cake, bakery-made cake or commercially prepared cake. They work well on buttercream icing, fondant, royal icing, etc.  If your cake is frozen, do not place the edible image on it until it has been completely thawed, according to the directions you have been given for the cake.

Applying images to fondant is pretty simple.  Peel the clear backing off from the back ofthe image. Dilute either corn syrup or honeywith water. Brush this mixture (with a foodbrush) onto the back of your image, leaving a very thin coat and stick your image to thefondant. The diluted corn syrup and/or honey acts as a glue to stick the images to your cake.

Images can also be applied directly to frosted cakes without fondant. Frosting
must be completely smooth and still have a little stickiness to it in order for the image to adhere to the frosting. If frosting has ‘crusted’ and is firm, a very small amount of water can be patted onto the frosting to dampen it so that it becomes sticky again and the image can be placed on top.

Always have clean, dry hands.  Choose the place on the cake where your image is to be placed.  Once you’ve placed the image on your cake, it cannot be readjusted easily.  If your cake frosting has dried, apply a fine mist of water to the surface of your cake. The cake should not be wet – too much water may cause your image to run. You can also use light corn syrup as an adhesive. Do not spray water directly to the image. This will cause it to damage and melt.

Place your image on a flat surface, face side down on a clean, dry surface. Carefully peel the backing from the image, moving slowing and evenly. Once the backing has been removed, use both hands to handle the image and place it directly onto the cake, face up, where you would like it.  Smooth down the image with your fingertips.

Never rub the image as this can damage it. If you do notice air pockets or the image bubbles after it has been applied, just tap the sides of the cake to help shift the air. Do not touch the image with your fingers as this will leave a mark in the frosting sheet. After a few minutes, the edible image sheet will mesh in with your icing and become part of it.

At this point, you can decorate the edges by piping around the edible image. This is a personal preference and not required.


After the image has been applied to your cake, you can then store the cake as per your bakery’s instructions. If your bakery says you must keep your cake refrigerated, that is fine. If your bakery instructs you to keep in a cool, dry place other than a refrigerator, that is okay too. It is also safe to freeze the cake after the image has been applied. Commercial fridges are not recommended due to the humidity levels.

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