Cookie Application

This item should never be frozen or refrigerated prior to application as doing so will damage the  product.  Store your image on a flat surface at room temperature. Humidity and direct light can cause the colours to run and fade.


Remove the image from the packaging very carefully to prevent premature peeling and tearing.  Keep your frosting sheet in the resealable bag until you are ready to use it. Use immediately after opening.

If you have purchased multiple sheets or sheet(s) with multiple images on them, only use what you need and store the remainder in the sealed bag to prevent them from drying out. You can use clean, dry kitchen scissors or a cutter if you must trim any part of the sheet.

What is the best way to put edible images on a cookie?
For plain-top cookies that do not have any frosting, you will need to use light, clear corn syrup as an adhesive. Using a food-safe brush, apply a light coat of corn syrup on the top surface of your cookie. Gently peel the backing off the frosting paper and apply the edible art to the corn syrup. You can use another clean brush to smooth out the image. You can use the same method if you have purchased cookie toppers on edible wafer paper.

For best results, use cookies that are flooded with royal icing, ensuring the icing has dried very well before applying your edible image. Apply a light layer of corn of clear corn syrup to the dried icing and gently place your edible image on top. Allow the image to dry for at least 30 minutes. Gently smooth out the image with a clean finger to ensure there are no air bubbles. At that time, you can pipe an icing border around the edges of your cookies for a fancy flair. Once the border is completely set, the cookies are ready to be packaged or served.

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