Drink Topper and Jello Melts Application

This item should never be frozen or refrigerated prior to application as doing so will damage the  product.  Store your image on a flat surface at room temperature. Humidity and direct light can cause the colours to run and fade.

Make sure your hands are dry when handling. Moisture will cause the wafer paper to melt before you want it to. Wafer paper designs are not pre-cut as there is no backing to them. You will need a pair of clean, sharp kitchen scissors or cutters to cut out your shapes. When stored properly, wafer paper can last up to two years, but the colours may fade gradually over time. It is recommended that you use custom printed toppers within a few weeks of receiving them.

When you are ready to serve your beverage or jello snack, just lay the topper directly on the surface. Within a few moments, it will begin melting into the liquid, forming a "skin". As you consume the product, the item will dissolve further and shrivel into the liquid. Some of it may end up sitting at the bottom of the glass. This is normal and can just be discarded.

Keep in mind that icing sheets can also be used as drink toppers and jello melts and many people use them instead as they can be pre-cut as they do have a backing sheet that the design can be peeled from. They do have a faint vanilla taste which may slightly impact the flavour of your product, but depending on the type of drink, it is barely noticeable and most people are fine using either option. 

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